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New Glacier Skywalk in Jasper National Park

Conventional wisdom says you should never look down when operating at great heights. The brand new Glacier Skywalk in Canada’s Jasper National Park defies conventional wisdom and encourages visitors to catch a glimpse from the heavens in a way few people before have had the opportunity to enjoy.

What is the Glacier Skywalk?

The skywalk itself is a construction made of glass and steel that extends away from the edge of the cliff allowing visitors to walk out and see the valley below. Beautiful sights abound whether you’re peering down into the valley below, looking up at the beautiful sky and majestic snow-capped glaciers nearby, or out to appreciate the gorgeous scenery Mother Nature has so graciously supplied.

The Skywalk itself consists of three primary areas, according to the website. These areas include the Discovery Trail, Discovery Vista, and the Receiving Area. What this means is that in addition to the stunning views, there are also opportunities to learn about the rich history of the valley, the geology, the ecology, and so much more about this beautiful valley.

Where is Glacier Skywalk Located?

The Glacier Skywalk is located in the Canadian Rockies at Latitude 52.261381 Longitude 117.280862. It is very near the boundaries of Banff and Jasper National Parks. Additionally, the park is located within an hour of Jasper. People coming from Banff should be able to make the trip within 2.5 hours.

Things You Should Know about Glacier Skywalk

There is a fee for visiting the skywalk. Children between the ages of 6 and 15 pay half price while people over the age of 15 pay full price. The current “grand opening” price is $24.95 (CAD), though that is subject to change. Children five and under enjoy free admission.

Glacier Skywalk has no parking available at the site. The recommendation is to take advantage of the free shuttle service that departs from the Columbia Icefield Glacier Discovery Centre.

The Park is open daily beginning in the month of May and through the month of October according to a recent CNN article on the Glacier Skywalk.

What Can You Expect from Your Visit?

Visitors to the skywalk can enjoy many stunning images as well as the benefit of a world class education about the history of this region. Some of the sights you’ll enjoy include waterfalls, fossils, and native plants and animals. The star of this show, though, is the 918-foot drop that captivates thrill-seekers, adrenaline junkies, and nature-lovers alike.

The Calgary Herald reports that Brewster Travel Canada owns the skywalk and conducted extensive monitoring regarding the environmental impact of the skywalk on not only the landscape of the area, but also its impact on the local wildlife and its ability to blend in and look natural so that it doesn’t detract from the local beauty of the area. They believe the opportunity for people to get out and experience nature, even bighorn sheep, is part of the attraction of Glacier Skywalk for visitors.

Similar Sites Around the World

The Glacier Skywalk, may be one of the newest sites such as this around the world, but it’s not the only one. Aside from observation towers extending away from tall buildings throughout the world, there are other similar towers to observe nature such as the following.

  • Grand Canyon Skywalk (USA);
  • Tianmen Mountain (China);
  • Stegastein Lookout (Norway);
  • Dachstein Glacier Skywalk (Austria).

The Glacier Skywalk is a unique experience for families interested in exploring beautiful scenery as well as getting a first-rate education about the local ecology. Make your plans to enjoy this stunning site.

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