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Most Dangerous Parts Of The World For Air Travel


Events during the last couple of years have made air travel look more dangerous than ever, with a number of heavily publicized crashes that have taken hundreds of lives. In reality, air travel has been safer than ever before, at least according to cold, hard numbers.

And while this is true, there is much talk among experts and laypeople alike about something that is becoming more and more apparent – there are nations and parts of the world where air travel is simply not as safe as elsewhere.

For example, there are quite a few African nations that have been heavily criticized for their air travel safety issues, such as Sierra Leone, Djibouti, Angola and Eritrea. Their airlines, complete with 7 more from Africa are banned from operating in Europe and they have been criticized for being unable to oversee their airlines properly.

The so-called Commonwealth of Independent States, which is comprised of states that were once a part of the Soviet Union, is another troublesome region, especially since the conflict in Ukraine started. Kazakhstan‘s airline is also banned in Europe and Georgia, and earned a red flag from the International Civil Aviation Organization.

As far as North Africa and the Middle East are concerned, Libyan and Afghan airlines are also banned from Europe while much of this part of the world is not exactly favored by pilots. In the Asia-Pacific area, Nepal‘s airlines are probably the worst, while Bangladesh’s are also not faring great. Indonesia also “boasts” one of the worst plane crash death rates, 25 times larger than the U.S.

If you are visiting these countries and plan on flying there, you should never do it without doing some research first. Air travel is still the safest mode of transportation, even in those parts of the world, but it is still a good idea to check everything out in advance.

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