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Moscow Travel Warning Says America Is ‘Hunting’ Russians All Over The World

Russia has issued a travel warning to its citizens traveling abroad, warning that U.S. law enforcement agencies and special services are hunting down Russians around the globe, according to Reuters.

The Russian foreign ministry not only issued a warning, but also accused the American government of kidnaping Russian citizens over false spying claims, giving the case of Vladimir Drinkman as an example. Drinkman was extradited to the US from the Netherlands earlier this year, despite pleading not guilty to conspiring with other men to hack US ‘computer networks of financial companies, payment processors and retailers around the world’, Reuters reports.

Here’s an excerpt from the statement:

“By believing that it is allowed to do all it wants, Washington goes as far as kidnapping our citizens. The threat of detention or arrest on the warrant of law enforcement bodies and special services of the USA in third countries still persists. It is quite real. The American authorities continue the unacceptable practice of “hunting” for Russians all over the world, ignoring the norms of international laws and twisting other states’ arms.”

In October 2014, US authorities issued a travel warning to its citizens traveling to Russia after tensions escalated between Russia and Ukraine.

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