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Make Your Trip Memorable

You take the time to plan the perfect trip. You spend money on lodging, transportation, entertainment, and food. You want you and your family to remember your vacation for years to come.

The best way to make sure that your trip is as memorable as possible is by following a few simple suggestions.

Take a Ton of Pictures

Memories sometimes fade. Taking pictures is a way to relive the fun, exciting, surprising, or hysterical moments of your trip. While a good camera is certainly a plus, simply snapping some shots with your camera phone can capture the emotion of the moment in a way a story can’t.

Take photos of moments that seem small as well as things that are big deals. Sometimes, it is those small moments, such as when your spouse is resting on your arm after a long day at the beach or your kids see the amusement park for the first time, that really capture the memory.

Do Something Different

New things can be intimidating, but going on a trip is the perfect time to experiment. You may need to overcome your fear of sharks and go scuba diving. Perhaps you are considering visiting a masseuse for the first time.

When you throw your inhibitions to the wind will, you will find enjoyment in the memories you will create. While you may decide to never eat escargot again after your trip, you can always say you’ve tried it.

Turn Off the Tube

It can be tempting when staying at a hotel with a million channels to sit in front of the television at night. However, if you are on your vacation to spend quality time with your family, turn it off. Take time to play a card or board game. If you’re relaxing with the love of your life, have some wine and cuddle in the hot tub.

Doing activities that are not part of your normal routine can ensure that you and your family remember the trip even years down the line.

Talk About the Trip

When you are back home to your normal routine, find ways to talk to your family about the trip. Bring up some memories while they are still fresh in your minds. You could ask everyone what their favorite part was. The more you talk about the trip, the more memorable it will be.

Bring Home Souvenirs

Souvenirs do not have to be bought at a local gift shop. You can pick up shells on the beach. You may bring home a ticket stub from a performance. You may also pick up a napkin from the restaurant you went to. Look for souvenirs that will have special meaning even years later.

If you do buy a souvenir, a good choice is a small magnetic picture frame that can be hung on the fridge. You can put a picture of your family from the trip inside.

The most important thing to remember when traveling is to relax and have fun. “Memorable” doesn’t always mean things will be perfect. Sometimes when plans begin to change, you find yourself having the time of your life. On your next vacation, find simple ways to make the experience both pleasurable and memorable for all.

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