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Make Sure You Stay Safe In The Netherlands

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This week we visit: The Netherlands


The Netherlands is a developed country in the heart of the European Union and violent crime is a rarity. That being said, the Dutch government has determined the terrorist threat level as “substantial” which is the second-highest. This does not mean that terrorist attacks are expected, but they are still a possibility, much like in the rest of the European Union.

Violent crimes are rare in the Netherlands, but there are parts of the country that are notorious for petty crime such as purse snatching and pickpocketing. Amsterdam is particularly notorious for this, with certain parts of the city seeing plenty of this type of crime. Major train stations and the airport are among these areas. Thieves also work on public transport, the tram system in particular. Some lines, especially line 5 are especially “affected”.

The Netherlands is world-famous for its lax approach to “soft” drugs, but this does not mean you should purchase drugs anywhere but at specialized establishments where this is tolerated. Buying drugs on the street is just as illegal as in the United States.

In addition to this, make sure not to give over your credit cards or money to persons claiming they are plain clothes police. This is a scam that has been on the rise as of lately, especially in Amsterdam.

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