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Let’s Visit The Moon!


US space tourism firm Space Adventures is offering a spaceflight around the moon in a ‘proven’ Russian Soyuz spacecraft, stating that the sponsors will not have to wait for long.

Space Adventures has posted a statement describing the ‘Circumlunar’ mission on its website.

“Using flight-proven Russian space vehicles we will fly two private citizens and one professional cosmonaut on a free return trajectory around the far side of the moon. They will come to within 100km of the moon’s surface.“

The exact price of the space trip has not been disclosed yet.

“The price of the spaceflight depends on the vehicle you choose, the timing and the exact mission profile.”

Meanwhile, Space Adventures estimates that the first mission will become reality by 2018. Some of the main attractions include an ‘illuminated far side of the moon’ and ’Earth rising above the surface of the moon.’

The space adventure will begin with the launch aboard a Soyuz spacecraft. The travelers should disembark at the International Space Station where they will spend 10 days.

A second rocket will then launch a Lunar Module, which consists of a lunar living and propulsion module. The Soyuz spacecraft will rendezvous with the Lunar Module in low-Earth orbit. The other part of the journey will take six days.

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