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Las Vegas Stratosphere Reaches 40 Million Visitors

As MyNews3 reports, the Las Vegas Stratosphere Tower made world history on April 21, 2014, as British tourist James Kennedy from Birmingham, England, crossed the entrance doors to become the 40 millionth visitor to the establishment.

Kennedy was received at the Tower entrance by General Manager Paul Hobson, Tower associates and an array of news cameras to capture the moment.

Defining the Tower

Open since April 1996, the Stratosphere facility is comprised of a 1,149 ft. tower, a 24-story hotel with over 2,400 rooms and an 80,000 square foot casino, all rolled up into one. The establishment is located north of the Las Vegas Strip, and attracts visitors from all over the world to partake of the Tower’s spectacular views of the city, rated by Las Vegas Review-Journal readers as the “Best of 2011.”

According to the Stratosphere Tower website, the structure holds the record for being the tallest building in the city, the 2nd tallest building in the Western Hemisphere (next to Canada’s CN Tower in Toronto), and the highest freestanding observation tower in the U.S. Currently the establishment is owned and run by American Casino and Entertainment Properties.

What’s Atop the Tower?

What’s atop the Stratosphere Tower is equally as impressive as the structure itself. In addition to two separate observation decks, the tower houses the renowned “Top of the World” revolving restaurant, and four of the world’s highest and most thrilling rides to bring out the daredevil in young and old alike.

  • Big Shot, located 1,081 feet above the earth’s surface, holds the world record for being the highest thrill ride.
  • Insanity, second highest ride at 900 feet, dangles its occupants over the building’s edge before spinning them around in circles at almost 40 mph.
  • X-Scream, comes in third highest at 866 feet above ground level.
  • Sky Jump Las Vegas is a Bungee jumping sensation that provides visitors with a cool 855 ft. free fall experience, 108 stories down.

If that’s not enough, visitors can also enjoy world class shopping from the Tower’s indoor mall, and nightlife venues with live performances from such headliners as Frankie Moreno, Playboy playmate Claire Sinclair, and David Perrico with his hit band Pop Evolution.

For fun and relaxation, you can always stop at the Tower’s salon and spa to enjoy some of the best beauty treatments the city has to offer.

Congratulations, James Kennedy!

As a first time visitor to Las Vegas and the Stratosphere Tower, James Kennedy hit the jackpot by being the 40 millionth guest to pass through the Tower’s doors. In honor of his patronage, MyNews3 states that the Tower has graciously bestowed upon him:

  • A 2-night stay in the Stratosphere Suite;
  • Dinner for 2 in the “Top of the World” restaurant;
  • Two tickets to Frankie Moreno Live or “Pin-Up” featuring former Playboy bunny Claire Sinclair;
  • Champagne service in the Level 107 Lounge;
  • Approximately $1,150 worth of free slot games;
  • Limo service to and from the local airport to facilitate his travels.

Wasn’t that a visit worth a lifetime?

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