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Is Iran The New Cuba?

As the relationship finally thawed a bit between the two countries and as people are getting ready for a summer in Cuba, travel experts are letting us in on a brand new travel destination, further away and much more fascinating – Iran.

Iran has been at odds with much of the Western world ever since the Revolution in 1979 and the slew of sanctions that the country’s isolationistic and somewhat extreme government invited. Before that, Iran had been a rather progressive country with innumerable tourist destination that would wow even the most discerning of travelers.

These days, we are hearing about a number of major hotel companies from all over the world working on new hotels in this spectacular country, including the Spanish Melia Hotels International and the French Accor Hotels.

They are all expecting an influx of Western tourists after the sanctions are lifted as the Iranian government starts complying with the restrictions to their nuclear program.

One thing is for sure, there is a lot to be seen in Iran, the place of some of world’s oldest civilizations, a country with incredibly rich culture, as well stunning natural sites to visit.

The cities of Isfahan, Shiraz and Yazd are alone enough to warrant a serious visit.

Iran, here we come!

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