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How To Stay Safe When Travelling In Egypt

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This week we visit: Egypt

After the 2011 political turmoil in Egypt, the country has lost a great portion of tourists, which is, of course, understandable, considering the unstable situation in one of the largest countries of Africa.

Large cities have been scenes of protests, often violent, although not so much since President Mursi was ousted in 2013. On the other hand, locations along the Red Sea, oriented towards beach tourism, have stayed rather stable and safe even at the peak of the Egyptian crisis.

Egypt is a relatively safe destination, although foreign tourists have historically been targeted by terrorists. Because of this, it is impossible for a foreigner to rent a car in this country. On the other hand, traveling independently by other means of transportation (train, bus, airplane) is safe.

One safety issue that you should keep in mind when traveling to Egypt is petty theft, especially when moving around busy areas such as tourist spots and markets. Always keep your valuables close to you and keep your eyes on them at all times, especially in a crowd, as Egyptian pickpockets are quite skillful.

As for your health, major cities have fairly good medical facilities, but the same doesn’t go for rural or remote areas. No particular immunization is required before traveling to Egypt.

As for women, it is recommended  that females dress modestly, which means nothing too short or sleeveless. If traveling alone, women are advised to, if they have to, seek directions or advice from women or families, rather than from groups of men.

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