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How To Stay Safe In Belgium

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This week we visit: Belgium

Thief in the park

Although Belgium is relatively safe and free of violent crime, muggings, purse snatchings and pocket picking are quite common. Of course, most visitors don’t experience any trouble during their visit to Belgium, but it would be best to follow some basic precaution measures.

There has recently been an increase in drug-related crime, as well as crimes committed by non-integrated immigrants. You should be especially careful in crowded places and at top tourist attractions. Keep your documents, money and other valuable possessions safe and lock your apartment door. Always carry your wallet and bag close to your body and don’t leave your things unattended in bars, clubs and other venues.

Always look out for suspicious behavior and be alert at all times, especially in Brussels. Muggings frequently occur in the Metro, and it’s never a good idea to venture alone into remote Metro corridors during the night. Increased police activity and video surveillance have brought this problem under control, but you still need to be careful after dark. When other people are around, there’s usually nothing to be worried about.

Unlike Amsterdam’s Red Light District, the red-light zones in Brussels and Antwerp are not the safest places in the country and they are not really places to go for sightseeing.

Lastly, if you decide to visit former WW1 battlefields in north-west Belgium, follow the footpath and be extremely cautious as unexploded shells have recently been discovered. In case of emergency, call 112 to report any incidents whatsoever.

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