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How To Save On Upcoming Thanksgiving Flights


November is here and that means Thanksgiving is not far away and insane crowds and lines are just around the corner. This also means there is money to be spent on Thanksgiving flights for visiting the family. Well, we are here to help and share some advice on how you can save some money on your Turkey Day travels.

One of the best ways to save is to actually fly on Thanksgiving Day. For some people this will be impossible, but if you can work it out somehow, you will find amazing deals. Sundays and Mondays before Turkey Day are also cheaper, as are the Fridays right after.

You should also give up on trying to land great last-minute deals. Thanksgiving is not the time of the year to be doing this. Airlines know people have to fly and they take advantage of this. Book as soon as you can and forget last-minute deals.

Another good idea would be to avoid small, regional airports. They usually service one or two airlines, which means there is no real competition there. And since we are talking holidays, you can bet they will try to squeeze every penny out of you. At large airports, competition is fierce and many airlines will roll out some Thanksgiving deals.

Some airlines like JetBlue, for instance, will be introducing holiday season baggage fees that will not cost you an arm and a leg, but which will still contribute to your overall spending. Make sure to inquire about these when booking your flight.

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