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How to Save More On Holiday Travels


Yes, we all know it’s so much easier to plan a vacation if you have bunch of time on your hands. Unfortunately, we don’t live in that sort of a world. We’re all busy and we’re all juggling a million things at once. Let’s see what Money Talks News finance expert Stacy Johnson has to say about planning a holiday in the video below:

However, there are even more simple ways to spend less. For example:

  1. Cash in Frequent-Flier Miles
  2. Sign Up For Fare Alerts
  3. Travel on Christmas Day
  4. Fly Out of an Alternate Airport
  5. Be Willing to Be Bumped
  6. Check With a Travel Agent
  7. Don’t Overlook Buses and Trains
  8. Ask For a Discount at the Hotel
  9. Arrange For a Car Rental Away From the Airport
  10. Get a Rental to Replace Your Gas Guzzler
  11. Pull Out Your Coupon Book
  12. Check For Membership Benefits


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