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How To Beat Jet Lag


If you ever traveled to a place that is several hours behind or ahead your own time zone, you know what jet lag is and how tough it can be. The more time zones you change while traveling, the worse your jet lag will be. Some believe that jet lag is worse when traveling eastward, but this has not been proven.

Either way, jet lag is a real issue and for some people it can be very tough to handle, so it’s useful to know a trick or two on how to prevent or mitigate it.

Experts recommend that you start adjusting to the time zone of your destination as soon as you board the plane, if not sooner. You might want to try to sleep at bedtime in your destination time zone. If this is too much, then just try to switch to the destination time zone in your head and make all of your plans according to it. As soon as you board the plane, change your watch to your destination’s local time.

Or, you might want to try the trick that NASA uses for its space mission members – blue light therapy. Exposing yourself to blue light regulates your circadian rhythm, improves mood and increases energy levels.

Jet lag may affect your metabolism and immune system, so make sure to drink a lot of fluids –opt for plain water, herbal teas, fresh juices and vitamin water, and avoid alcohol, coffee and tea.

Vitamins of the B complex, especially B12, B1, B3 and B6 are particularly useful for tackling jet lag.


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