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How Clean Is That Hotel

Appearances can be deceitful. Despite of how clean a room looks, there could be dirt, dust and germs lurking in the mattress, in the bedspread and in the carpet. Air fresheners and a cold room can disguise sour smells, and make a dirty room seem really clean. Most hotels do not deep clean rooms after every check out.

This can present a problem for allergy sufferers and individuals with sensitive skin.

How to Spot a Dirty Hotel Room

A perfectly tidy room canbe deceiving. The beds are perfectly made, the towels are neatly stacked, even the plastic paper on the cups are folded at an angle, but… There are several ways for you to see through the disguise of a dirty room.

When you first enter the room, start your inspection right away. Look for spots or food stains on the carpet. Dirty carpet says a lot about management and housekeeping. Take your own Lysol wipes and disinfectant spray.

Check the light switches and electrical outlets for dirt. Most hotels will deep clean their rooms at least every 6 months. If dirt, grime and crust are visible on these surfaces, chances are the room has not been thoroughly or properly cleaned in a long time.

Lift the toilet seat, and check for dirt. Usually the outer surface of the toilet seat is presentable, but not the inner surface.

Remove the bedspread and sheets from the bed, and check for bedbug waste. Bedbugs, and bug mites are difficult to see, but they do leave a trail behind.

Check the coffee maker and ice bucket for signs of dust, grinds and funny smell. The nose does not lie, even if the eyes do.

Find Where the Germs Live and Destroy Them

Take the time to wipe down the chairs you will be sitting in, and the table you will be eating on. You might also want to disinfect the door knobs, the headboards, the microwave, the refrigerator, the light switch plates and the remote control. Do not forget to wipe down the telephone, the counter tops, and the faucets.

Germs are hard to see. They attach themselves to objects, and various surfaces. Germs can make you sick, if you do not learn how to spot them and prevent them from growing and infecting your body. The next time you check into a hotel, be sure to stop at the door, and begin your inspection, before you bring in your clothes and food.

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