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Glasgow – Scotland’s Nightlife Mecca

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This week we visit: Scotland

Glasgow is generally considered to be the city in the United Kingdom with the best nightlife, after London of course. No other city in England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales is even close to Glasgow and a night out in this city is definitely something you will remember forever. So, what are the best and the wildest nightlife spots in Glasgow?

The Garage is the biggest club in Scotland and it has been around for more than 18 years. It is open every night of the year and it guarantees a crazy night out every night. It features five rooms that play everything from alt rock to pop. They even have a karaoke night on Wednesdays.

The Sub Club has been around for even longer as it opened its doors back in 1987. It is considered to be one of the best clubs in Europe and not just Scotland. All of the biggest names in electronic music have played there at one point and you can rest assured you will have fun whenever you decide to go.

La Cheetah is a more intimate club in the Merchant City and while it is a relatively small place, it still attracts the biggest names. The DJ is the king at La Cheetah and the music is mostly dubstep, electro, house and techno. One of the best things about the club is that drinks are much more affordable than in other places.

The Arches is located under the arches of Glasgow Central Station and it provides some of the best acoustics ever that work perfectly in combination with its underground feel and the big international names it attracts. The music is always loud and the crowds are just too wild.

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