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Georgian National Dishes That You’ll Love

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This week we visit: Georgia

Georgian cuisine is a superbly varied one as it developed over centuries both in isolation and as a result of many peoples, and traders in particular, bringing ingredients and dishes from all over the East and West. The dishes we will share with you here are just a sample of what the Georgian cuisine has to offer.


Khachapuri is a Georgian bread which is made with cheese, eggs and other ingredients that can be added for flavor. The price of making khachapuri is actually used to measure inflation in the country by the so-called Khachapuri index which was actually developed by the International School of Economics at Tbilisi.


Khinkali is perhaps the most famous and popular Georgian dish and it is actually a kind of dumplings. They are usually filled with meats – pork, beef and sometimes lamb. Herbs, garlic and onions are also integral for the taste. The meat is put uncooked when khinkali is prepared and the juices remain inside the dumpling. When you take the first bite, you slurp up the juices from within the khinkali.


Chikhirtma is a particularly rich Georgian soup. It is made almost entirely without any vegetables. The base is a broth which is usually made with rich chicken, or sometimes lamb. The broth is then thickened with beaten eggs, which is a very complex and intricate process. Various herbs and spices are added to chikhirtma to complete it.

Khmeli suneli

Khmeli suneli is not a dish per se, but a spice blend which is used in preparation of most Georgian meals, as well as national dishes of neighboring Caucasus countries. Among other ingredients, in khmeli suneli, you will find coriander, basil, dill, bay leaf, blue fenugreek, marjoram, parsley, saffron, celery, hyssop, black pepper, thyme, hot pepper and mint. Trust us, once you try a dish prepared with khmeli suneli, you will not be able to imagine your life without it.

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