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Frozen Niagara Falls – Tourist Destination Extraordinaire


The unprecedentedly cold winter has locked the Northeast of the United States and the parts of Canada that border with it in snow, ice and blizzards that have caused a ton of problems for the residents of these parts and the travelers. However, it is not all bad. This deep freeze has also resulted in one of the most spectacular sights ever – the frozen Niagara Falls.

Over the last week or so, tourists have been flocking from all over the US to come and see the frozen Niagara Falls which truly do offer a sight that you will remember for the rest of your life. People who work in and around the Niagara Falls tourist organization say that they have tourists coming from as far away as Alabama just to see the frozen Falls. They say that they are even getting international guests who are visiting just to see this wonder of nature.

It needs to be said that not all of the Niagara Falls are frozen and that there are parts that still look like they do the rest of the year. Also, the water is still flowing under the ice because it is an amount that could never be frozen completely.

If you are worried that you might miss your chance, do not despair. The meteorologists say that the ice could even spread as even lower temperatures are expected to come into the area.

It’s a true winter wonderland and something to see!

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