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Experience World’s Longest Flight On Largest Plane


The world’s biggest passenger aircraft, the superjumbo A380, started flying the world’s longest route – a flight lasting almost 16 hours without making a stop. 

Actually, it’s 14 hours 50 minutes to get from Sydney to Dallas/Fort Worth, but it takes 15 hours 30 minutes for a return flight.

Qantas Group CEO Alan Joyce says this is a record setting move that will connect Australians to the world.

“Today, Qantas is leading the way again with the introduction of the world’s largest passenger aircraft on the world’s longest route, Sydney to Dallas/Fort Worth, with a flying time of almost 16 hours.’’

Mr. Joyce said A380 services between Sydney and Dallas/Fort Worth would enhance customer experience and create further opportunities for both tourism and trade between Australia and the US.

“We know our customers will value the comfort of the A380 on this route. It’s also a vote of confidence in Qantas’s business going forward. Not only will the A380 increase seats on the route by more than 10 per cent each week, it will also provide us with greater fuel efficiency and the range to operate the return service direct back to Sydney. Our customers also now have the choice of four cabins to both Los Angeles and Dallas/Fort Worth as we introduce our Marc Newson designed First Class Suites on the Dallas/Fort Worth route for the first time. Dallas/Fort Worth is home to our partner American Airlines, and it’s the perfect hub for both business and leisure travelers heading in either direction across the Pacific.”

The world’s longest flights in distance include The Sydney — Dallas/Fort Worth leg at 8,578 miles (13,804km) followed by Delta’s Johannesburg to Atlanta at 8,439 miles (13,582km) and Emirates Dubai — Los Angeles at 8,390 miles (3,420km).

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