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Experience Belgian Nightlife In Brussels

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This week we visit: Belgium

Party time

Whichever city you visit in Belgium, you will find an exuberant nightlife that boasts traditional bars, modern nightclubs, rock concerts, festivals and many more. And the best part? Belgium never sleeps!

Since every city has something unique and entertaining to offer, we have decided to focus on the country’s capital and explore the vibrant nightlife in Brussels.

The European Union’s de facto capital alone has more than 80 bars and you can move quickly from one place to another. Tourist usually start off the evening with dinner, move on to a couple of bars and end up in some of the most popular clubs in the city. Brussels has a wide variety of nightspots and everyone can find something in accordance with their taste and preferences. Besides, the locals are friendly and willing to show you around the city and take you to some lesser-known, fantastic places.

First-time visitors should definitely enjoy the old café-bars near the Grand Place, while those yearning to experience the trendy lifestyle of the young “bruxellois’’ should head to Halles Saint-Gery. People looking for a stylish night out should go to Sablon, and visitors who seek hip places should explore the Rue du Marche au Charbon. In addition to being home to some of the trendiest venues in Belgium, this area is also the heart of the gay scene in Brussels.

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