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Estonia Safety Tips

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This week we visit: Estonia


Like any country in the world, Estonia is also not completely crime-free, but most incidents don’t involve tourists. In fact, tourist usually have nothing to worry about in the country if they exercise the same safety precautions they would anywhere in the world.

The most common dangers in this Baltic country are pick-pockets and bag snatchers in crowded places, such as Tallinn’s Old Town, the airport, bus and train stations, the Central Market and other popular tourist attractions. Keep your valuables close, and don’t leave them unattended in vehicles, bars or restaurants. Also, make sure hotel and car doors are locked at all times.

Foreigners have been the victims of credit card fraud as well as internet-based financial and dating fraud. Other common scams include women luring male tourists to bars where they are extremely overcharged.

Make sure you have had absolutely no alcohol to drink before driving, and don’t cross the road unless the pedestrian light is green.

The most important thing you should know is that Estonian law requires pedestrians to wear small reflectors, which locals usually attach to their clothes, handbags, or bicycles. Though people usually don’t wear them in cities, it’s essential that you have one in rural areas where it may be very difficult for car drivers to see you. These reflectors are cheap and you can buy them almost everywhere.

The emergency number for reaching the police is 110, while the local emergency line for ambulance or fire is 112.

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