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Eat Delicious Bosnian Food And Drink Responsibly!

In our new Globe Trotter series, Viral Travel reviews all the best places to see, eat and stay at in every country of the world!

This week we visit: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Traditional food is often prepared with meat of extraordinary quality, usually organic, and meals are plentiful and delicious.


Meat is found in the most popular Bosnian dishes such as bosanski lonac, ćevapi, begova čorba, and burek.

In the report for 2011, the World Health Organization (WHO) stated that when it comes to safety, this country is in and above the average when compared to other countries in the region.

Furthermore, Bosnian cuisine is quite similar to the cuisines of Turkey, Greece, and Mediterranean countries, but the influence of European cuisines, especially the Central European, is still very strong. Variety of spices is used, although in small quantities. Sauces are completely natural. Typical ingredients of dishes are tomatoes, potatoes, onions, garlic, peppers, cucumbers, carrots, cabbage, mushrooms, spinach, squash and beans.

Paprika, pepper, parsley, bay leaf and celery are also regularly used. Milk, cream and sour cream are often used in and with traditional dishes.
Herzegovina is suitable for growing grapes and wine production, while in Bosnia they make brandy from plums.

In Sarajevo you will easily find traditional pita and ćevapi. If you are in Herzegovina and you visit Blagaj near Mostar, do not miss trout grown on the local farms as it is a local specialty.

Most common and most popular homemade spirit is the plum brandy, but also brandies made from local fruits including pear, grape, cherry, walnut, apricot, apple, and various herbs. Homemade spirits are of the excellent quality often with 40 per cent of alcohol or even above.

Watch the video below and become very hungry!

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