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Dark Tourism: Visit Fukushima

Some people are into some weird weird stuff. When these guys go on vacay, they’re not looking to relax and just get into a zen sort of mood. This is why “dark tourism” following the Fukushima nuclear meltdown has really taken off. It’s only been about four years since the nuclear disaster happened, and some tourism agencies have started giving tours through abandoned neighborhoods.

CNN has delved into why the devastated town is allowing others to witness its tragedy.

Authorities are approving quick visits into the safer parts of the Fukushima prefecture, still empty from the worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl. So, what do visitors say when they come? Yusuke Kato, Fukushima’s tour guide says they always describe the experience as ‘unbelievable’.

According to Kenichi Bamba, there’s nothing left there.

Bamba says these tours are part of a long-term plan to rebuild the Fukushima prefecture. He is from Fukushima.

“Actually I’ve come here several times but still… I cannot say anything. Just sad. Just sad.”

The reactors are visible from a distance. Maybe even too close  to ever feel safe here again.

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