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Cyprus Is The Best Place To Party In Europe

In our new Globe Trotter series, Viral Travel reviews all the best places to see, eat, and stay at, in every country of the world!

This week we visit: Cyprus


Rightfully named the new Ibiza, Cyprus is a small island country in the Mediterranean Sea that has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in recent years. More and more people are travelling to Cyprus in order to enjoy the country’s breathtaking beaches, explore historical sites and monuments and experience the most extravagant nightlife on the continent.

Cyprus is worldwide famous for its cozy romantic cafes, world class restaurants and night clubs and never-ending beach parties. In a nutshell, the island located south of Turkey is the perfect destination for people of all ages, tastes and preferences.

The party capitol of Cyprus is, without a doubt, the ancient town of Ayia Napa. Apart from being packed with nightclubs, the town is well-known for its taverns, bars, cafes and restaurants. Limassol is also popular among tourists, although the city attracts smaller crowds than Ayia Napa. People looking for family-friendly entertainment should definitely check out Paphos, a town that is abundant with both historical attractions and venues that are perfect for younger visitors.

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