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Creating Your Travel Bucket List

Traveling is something that many people put off until they “have the time.” With kids and jobs, many people decide that they’ll have to wait until they’re much older or until retirement before they get to see the world. If this describes you to a “T”, what you can do now is create a travel “bucket” list.

For various reasons, you may not be able to afford to jet off to see the world, but creating the list can help you begin the planning process, which is half the fun!

Figure Out What You Like

Are you a person who loves the snow and practically lives in skis? Or are you not happy unless the turquoise blue waters of the ocean are stretched out in front of you as the sun gazes down overhead? Or you could be a person who loves the hustle and bustle of big cities filled with lots of exciting things to do, great restaurants to chow down at and amazing cultural institutions to visit. Write down all of the things that excite you, and then set about doing your research into the places that fit your criteria.

Decide If You’re Open to Stepping Outside of Your Comfort Zone

While doing what you already know you like is great, decide if you’re open to trying something new. Sometimes people are merely afraid of what they don’t know or understand.

They may say, “Oh, I’d never visit country X because it has “(fill in the blank.)” This is not about telling you to let your guard down and visit places that could put you at risk. This is about figuring out if you could challenge yourself to visit a country that you’d never considered before. The best thing about travel is all of the new information you learn about the destination you’re visiting and all of the information that you’re learning about yourself!

Figure Out If You’d Want to Take a Family Trip

Many couples decide that they’ll travel the world alone when they’re ready to explore, but another exciting option is to consider taking the entire family with you! Families that travel together often find that they enjoy sharing new experiences together in brand new worlds. It’s a period of self-discovery for everyone. You may not want to take the entire family on every trip for obvious reasons, but planning a big future trip that all of your loved ones can share together can be truly exciting.

Decide if You Want to Immerse Yourself in Local Culture – Or Not

When planning your bucket list, you may be wondering if you want to immerse yourself in the local culture at your chosen destination, or if you’ll be looking for a more secluded and exclusive experience. There are good things about both, so it will all boil down to choice.

If you’re looking for constant pampering, luxurious surroundings and not having to lift a finger, you’d probably enjoy going to a resort. Look for destinations that will provide you with that experience. If you feel like you won’t be experiencing the culture unless you’re buying bread and fruit right alongside the neighborhood residents, you may do best renting a home in your chosen locale.

Putting together a travel bucket list is exciting. Knowing that you’ll be on your way at some point in the future can literally put a smile on your face every day. As mentioned, the planning is half the fun, so start your research today.

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