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Cities In The Czech Republic You Have To Visit

In our new Globe Trotter series, Viral Travel reviews all the best places to see, eat and stay at in every country of the world!

This week we visit: Czech Republic

Czech Republic is nestled right in the middle of Europe and it is one of the most romantic countries in the entire world, with its Romanesque and sometimes baroque architecture, long, kingly history and cities that are just too beautiful.

Everywhere you go in Czech Republic; there is a new city to explore and new amazing sceneries to witness. However, these 5 cities are a complete must.

Prague is the capital of Czech Republic and one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with its fortresses, its gorgeous bridges, narrow beautiful streets and spires that are too many to number. It is also a place of culture and fine living.

Olomouc may sound more like a city in Mexico, but it is another breath-taking town in Czech Republic. It features a number of large squares, all lined with incredible architecture from a number of periods and it is famed for its many churches and cathedrals, the most famous of which is Saint Wenceslas Cathedral. It is also home to a University which has been open since the 16th century.

Český Krumlov is a small city located in the south Bohemian area and it developed as a support city for the Český Krumlov Castle, one of the oldest in all of Czech Republic, dating back to 1240. The city itself is simply stunning, with architecture that looks very much like the one found in Prague. Movie The Illusionist was filmed in and around Český Krumlov.

České Budějovice is another city in Czech Republic that you must miss and for a number of reasons. The first reason is the extremely well preserved architecture from the gothic, Renaissance and Baroque periods, best seen around the huge Ottokar II Square. The city is also famous for its mouth-watering beers. The original Budweiser beer hails from this city.

Karlovy Vary is a spa town located in the very west of Czech Republic and is one of the most stunning towns that you can hope to visit. It has a long history of being a spa town for the European aristocracy and it still holds this specific air. You may remember the town from Casino Royale, the first James Bond movie with Daniel Craig.

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