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Check Out Helsinki’s Best Restaurants

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This week we visit: Finland


When people talk about fine dining in Scandinavia, they usually talk about Stockholm or Copenhagen and even if you ask the Finns, they will be modest or even shy about Helsinki’s gastro scene. Which is total nonsense, of course. Helsinki has quite a few amazing restaurants to offer and here are the best of them.

Arguably the finest restaurant in Helsinki and the entire country is the Chef & Sommelier which recently received a Michelin star. The chef, Sasu Laukkonen, works with local, super-fresh ingredients and creates works of art without too much pomp but with perfect knowledge of fine cuisine. It is Finnish cooking at its best.

If you are looking for something totally modern and experimental, you might want to check out Olo, another Michelin star holder which specializes in molecular gastronomy. In addition to some truly amazing dishes, Olo also boasts a spectacular wine list.

Hoku is another restaurant in Helsinki that you should visit, offering a very specific mix of Japanese food and Hawaiian cuisine. It goes to great lengths to combine these two gastro heritages and the results are mouth-watering.

In case you are a fan of Italian cuisine, the best place for you will definitely be Ragu. The restaurant is located in a historic 19th century building but it does not go overboard with the interior design. It’s still Scandinavia, right? The food is just incredible, combining good old-fashioned Italian cooking with haute cuisine.

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