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British Airways Will Relax You With World’s Favorite Videos: Cute Cats And Dogs


British Airways will launch Paws and Relax in September, an inflight channel showing cute videos of cats and dogs.

The channel’s purpose is to enhance the well-being of its customers by lowering heart rates and relieving stress, according to Richard D’Cruze, inflight entertainment manager. British Airways claims that footage of cats, kittens, dogs and puppies soothes and relaxes passengers.

“It might sound barking [a reference to the the British expression ‘barking mad,’ indicating insanity], but there’s lots of research to suggest that watching pets can enhance overall well-being.”

The carrier cited psychologist Richard Wiseman, who said that watching a video of a cute animal could reduce heart rate and blood pressure in under a minute, which is fascinating.

D’Cruze also said that the carrier has “sniffed out some fantastic content that is cute, comforting and sure to appeal to travelers of all ages.”

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