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Bia Hoi Bars – A Unique Vietnamese Nightlife Experience

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This week we visit: Vietnam

Bia Hoi is a very specific type of beer that you will only find in Vietnam, brewed on daily basis and matured very shortly. They are draft beers and they have a very low alcohol content, somewhere around 3 percent. The production of these beers is not regulated in any way which makes production very cheap, in turn resulting in some very, very affordable beer. For instance, it is not uncommon to get a nice, big, frosty glass of bia hoi for as little as $0.25 or $0.5.

The bars that sell this type of beer can be found all over Vietnam, although Ho Chi Minh City is most famous for them. These are all scrappy and laid-back establishments with a bunch of plastic chairs and tables outside, trying to cram as many people in as small a space as possible.

There is usually a nice mix of locals and tourists and you can really meet all kinds of people at Bia Hoi bars in Vietnam. The atmosphere is extremely friendly and everyone is having a great time. It is also very common to find street food sellers next to these bars, selling their food that goes so well with the cheap beer. If in Vietnam, make it your mission to check out at least one of these very special and unique bars.

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