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Best Dog-Friendly Destinations In The US

Traveling around the States with your pet pooch can be a fantastic experience for both you and your dog. S,o for all you urban dog people out there searching for a nice place to stay with your canine friend, we scoured throughout the country, taking weather, yard size, dog activities and a whole lot of other factors into account.

The result are right here. Enjoy!

1. Portland, Oregon

The Rose City simply excels in spoiling its dogs, and it has been doing so for quite some time now. Portland has 33 dog parks – more per capita than any other large city in the US. Additionally, it can brag about having 19 pet massage therapists, and even their own social network for dog lovers.

This doesn’t come as such a big of a surprise, seeing as an average household spends about $32 per month on pets. Also, there are places that cater specifically to dogs and these who love them like the Tin Shed Garden Café, the Lucky Labrador Brew Pub – where your pooch can have the Kibbles-N-Bits breakfast – and many more extravagant establishments.

Portland is also one of the very few cities outside of France where you are absolutely allowed (and even encouraged to at certain places) take your dog into pubs with you. And don’t forget – even though it might be a paradise for dogs, it still doesn’t exempt you from collecting your dog’s poop: the $150 fine will make sure you never forget that.

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