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Another Huge Storm Moving Towards The Northeast


Not a full week has passed since the a large snow storm hit the Northeast, bringing up to 30 inches of snow I certain areas; and it seems that this part of the country is up for an additional flurry. A storm system that came down on the Midwest over the weekend is moving towards the Northeast where it is expected to bring another foot of snow.

The storm already wreaked havoc in the Midwest and large parts of the Plains over the weekend, where thousands of flights had to be grounded and where much of the travel was put to a halt by snow and winds.

In Chicago, the blizzard brought a foot of snow, while other parts of the Midwest also suffered as the storm moved eastwardly. It reached Pennsylvania and western parts of the state of New York. Authorities in those parts of the country issued warnings against traveling if not unnecessary, and the Illinois Department of Transportation worked overtime to ensure the roads can be used. The storm also caused power cuts in the area.

The storm, which has been described as particularly slow-moving, is now creeping into the parts of New England, parts that are still trying to recover after the blizzard that hit them a week ago.  Parts of the Northeast such as western Massachusetts and Connecticut could once again get as much as 16 inches of snow.

We are pretty sure that not even a storm like this is enough to down the spirits of the people in the Northeast after the Patriots’ Super Bowl win over the Seahawks this Sunday.

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