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American Tourists To Start Rediscovering Cuba


It has been two months since President Obama ordered diplomatic relations with Cuba to resume and it has been two months since American citizens are able to visit the Caribbean country without a special license from the government. So, what’s the situation like?

First of all, it needs to be said that American citizens still need to formally state the purpose of their visit to Cuba, such as visiting family, religious and educational travel and so on. This makes things so much easier, but it is still not the same as picking up your passport and sitting on a plane to somewhere else.

The airlines, despite the fact that they do not require special permits and government licenses, have yet to establish regular trips to Havana and other cities in Cuba and the flights are still limited. Charter flights can be booked, but the most of it still goes through various agencies, which means one thing – it can get expensive.

Another big problem is that Cuban tourist capacities are not ready to cater to a huge number of American tourists and besides the luxury tourism, there are not a lot of options when it comes to staying in Cuba. Furthermore, the infrastructure is still very poor and it will take some time before Cuba truly goes back to being the tourist heaven for American citizens.

Still, one cannot deny that this is a very exciting time and that the number of American tourists that visit Cuba will only grow in the future, bringing the two countries at least a bit closer.

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