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American Airlines Expecting Busiest Summer Ever

U.S. airlines are expecting the busiest summer in the history of air travel, Washington-based trade group Airlines for America said on Monday.

An estimated 222 million passengers will fly on U.S. airlines from June through August, according to the group, which represents the largest American carriers. This number would represent a 4.5% growth from 2014. Moreover, the average number of 2.4 million travelers per day would include 332,000 on international flights, which would also be a record, reports USA Today.

Here’s what John Heimlich, chief economist for Airlines for America, said:

“With 13 of the 15 busiest air travel days of the year falling in the summer months, U.S. airlines are well-prepared to accommodate the increased travel demand by adding flights and seats, and deploying new and larger aircraft, along with a boost in staffing to enhance the customer experience. Healthy air-travel demand and lower, yet still volatile, fuel prices are helping U.S. airlines close the gap to average U.S. corporate profitability.”

The top five international destinations from the United States are Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Germany and Japan, while the airlines that would benefit the most in the summer of 2015 include American Airlines Group Inc., United Continental Holdings Inc. and Delta Air Lines Inc.

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