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Amazing Indoor Beaches

Everyone loves a balmy day at the beach, drenched in sand, sun, and warm waves. Most of us, however, live where the geography or the weather isn’t always quite so cooperative. With modern technology, the beach has now been brought indoors. Several spots across the globe feature indoor beaches. Some offer tropical rain forests while others have never-ending sunshine. The following are four amazing indoor beaches and some of the amenities that make them unique.

Seagaia Ocean Dome

Located in Miyazaki, Japan, this stunning indoor beach opened in 1993. It’s part of the Sheraton Seagaia Resort and provides a complete resort experience under its massive dome. According to Where Cool Things Happen, this gorgeous indoor beach is large enough for up to 10,000 tourists to enjoy at one time. It also has the world’s largest retractable roof.

Design Rulz states that the Seagaia Ocean Dome is the largest indoor water park in the world. This amazing architectural wonder features thrilling water slides, heated pools, and a children’s area. An interesting aspect of this modern marvel is that it is located approximately 300 meters away from an actual beach, as reported by Where Cool Things Happen.

The Tropical Island Indoor Resort

This tropical paradise boasts room for 6,000 visitors at one time, a 50,000 plant forest, and enough room for a hot air balloon to fly overhead. The entire area is located under a huge dome. After opening in 2004 it gained the designation of being the largest free-standing hall in the world as reported by UK’s the Building.

The Building also stated that this beautiful resort is split into four sections, with the largest being the beach area, dubbed the “Tropical Sea.” The resort, located in Krausnick Germany, has gorgeous waterfalls and trendy restaurants where sunbathers can cool off. Not only is there a beach, but the resort has a rainforest to explore, and a nightclub for after hours fun.

Khan Shatyr Entertainment Centre

With an amazing tent-like roof reaching almost 500 feet into the sky and more space inside than 10 football fields, the Khan Shatyr Entertainment Centre in Astana, Kazakhstan is one of the largest entertainment centers in the world. Photos on Amusing Planet reveal a beautiful indoor beach resort complete with turquoise water, tropical plants, and plenty of sand.

It’s one of the relatively new indoor beaches in the world, inaugurated in 2010. The Entertainment Centre provides plenty of activities to enjoy after visitors have lounged on the beach. There are entertainment venues, a shopping center, and mini golf course.

New Century Global Centre

In Chengdu, China, one of the world’s tallest buildings features the Paradise Island Water Park. The park includes an indoor beach with a sun that shines 24 hours each day. It’s about as close to the real thing as a beach lover can get without venturing out beyond the palm lined walls.

According to Balmy Palms, the New Century Global Centre features a beach that’s 1300 feet long and is covered with authentic sand from Hawaii, an air conditioning system that blows light breezes, and an audio system that plays seagull sounds and boat horns.

Whether you’re looking for a rain forest to lounge in or a spot with plenty of options for dining, shopping, and entertainment, there are indoor beaches with something for everyone. So, leave behind the snow, the rain, and the dreary clouds and pick your favorite indoor beach for sun and sand.

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