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Amazing And Spicy Portuguese Cuisine

In our new Globe Trotter series, Viral Travel reviews all the best places to see, eat and stay at in every country of the world!

This week we visit: Portugal


Portuguese culture pays a lot of attention to food, and rightly so. The cuisine of Portugal is very unique compared to the rest of the Mediterranean, and to the rest of Europe for that matter, mostly due to the influences the Portuguese brought back from their Indian, African and Far East colonies.

In fact, many spices that are so widely present in Europe today, like saffron, coriander and pepper, are there thanks to the Portuguese, and so are coffee, rice and potatoes, just to name a few things. Main staples of Portuguese cuisine are fish (of course!), spices and regional produce. The dishes are simple, but with a unique spicy twist.

The Portuguese start their day with pequeno almoço, which is breakfast, and it consists of milk, coffee and jam and butter on bread or rolls. The lunch, or almoço, is the main meal of the day and the dinner, which can be served quite late in the evening, is called jantar.

Due to their country’s position on the Atlantic Ocean, the Portuguese sure do love fish. One of the favorites is bacalhau, or smoked cod, which is prepared in a wide array of ways, depending on the region. Sardines are also very popular, especially, grilled, and so is squid, sea bass and swordfish. Shellfish dishes are also widely represented and extremely delicious.

In Portugal, almost every meal starts with a soup. One of the most popular is bread soup, which can be prepared in many different ways but usually contains shellfish or other sea food.

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