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Airbnb Now Has A Thousand Business Travel Partners


Airbnb has revolutionized the way we travel since 2008 and in the 30 days since it has launched its business travel project, it has shown that companies are ready to let it revolutionize business travel as well.

The world-famous travel startup launched the program on July 20 and today, only a month later, more than 1,000 companies from more than 35 countries worldwide have joined the program, allowing their employees to take advantage of the program and use it to find accommodation when traveling on the company’s budget.

People from Airbnb say that this does not come as a surprise to them, exhilarated that their vision of redefining the business trip has met such enthusiasm and positive response from the corporate community. Among the things they outline as being crucial for the program is the fact that their accommodation often offers a more relaxed and friendly business stay.

Companies that have joined the program say their employees love their new travel options which provide a chance to build better relationships thanks to accommodation that is different from the more traditional dreary hotels and apartments which used to be associated with business travel.

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