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A Few Things To Know About Maltese Cuisine

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This week we visit: Malta


The gorgeous tiny island state of Malta has always been on the crossroads between the West and the East and the North and the South, always an important port in the middle of the Mediterranean. All of this has contributed to one of the most interesting national cuisines, a true fusion of influences from North Africa, Italy, Spain and even England.

The entree that the Maltese consider their national dish is a kind of a rabbit stew which they call Stuffat Tal-Fenek which you can eat pretty much everywhere in Malta and which is truly special, by all standards.

Malta is also famed for its sheep cheeses which are collectively called ġbejniet and which come in a number of varieties, from young ones to salted, peppered and mature cheeses. One thing that they all share is a strong flavor that you will never forget once you experience it.

The Maltese also make zalzett, a sausage with a strong coriander aroma. It can be used in cooking, grilled or even eaten raw when it is still very fresh.

A very popular summer snack is the so-called ħobs biż-żejt, which is the Maltese version of bruschetta made from bread, red tomatoes, mint, a bit of onion, some sheep cheese and anchovies, all doused with local olive oil. A true Mediterranean delicacy.

Aljotta is a famous Maltese fish soup which is alluringly garlicky and also quite delicious. Maltese fish markets are abundant and in fishing towns, aljotta is something that you simply must try.

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