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50 Travel Ideas For Kids Everyone Can Enjoy


The InterContinental Hotels Group is a large company with innumerable hotels on their portfolio and last week, they launched a mobile app called Planet Trekkers. This app is aimed at children who want to learn about a travel destination before they visit it with their families and it was actually created together with the people from National Geographic Kids.

In order to celebrate the launch of the app, IHG reached out to children from all corners of the world to contribute their ideas for the ultimate travel experiences that everyone should have by the age of 12. An editor from National Geographic then curated their answers and compiled them into a list of Top 50 Ultimate Children’s Travel Experiences.

Today, we will be going through their list, giving a few suggestions for some of the experiences since they have only been listed without any further explanations or suggestions.

For instance, one of their experiences is floating in a lagoon, something we can all agree is one of those life-changing moments. But, where to go for this experience. Well, for one, you can go to the most famous cinema lagoon where the movie Blue Lagoon was filmed. The lagoon is located at Nanuya Levu island in Fiji and it is truly as beautiful as it is on film. Or, you can go a totally different route and head out to Iceland where you will find another Blue Lagoon, with thermal waters and bathing all-year round.

The list also recommends discovering ancient temples and ruins and the good news is that there is no shortage of these around the world. For instance, you can travel to Egypt and witness the pyramids. If you wish, you can visit the Stonehenge in England or Machu Picchu in Peru. Everywhere you turn in the world, you are going to find an ancient temple that is going to wow you.

Another experience that they recommend is climging the tallest building in a city and seeing it from above. Once again, you have quite a few choices there. If you want to be extreme, then you travel to Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the tallest building in the world and survey as much of the city as possible. You can do the same in Shanghai if you climb the Shanghai Tower. The Empire State Building in New York is another classic.

2If you wish to get immersed in the culture of your destination, the list suggests taking part in a local dance. Depending on where you go, you will have the chance to get in on the action and truly feel like a local, dancing the night away. If you find yourself in certain parts of Spain, you simply have to try flamenco, while any visit to Argentina and Uruguay is going to involve some tangoing.

If you really want to learn how a certain city breathes, you need to visit its night market and enter the crowds. The list says this is one of those must experiences and it truly is. In Marrakesh, Marroco, you will find one of the liveliest and most beautiful night markets in the world. The Ratchada night market in Bangkok has become an inseparable part of the Bangkok experience and deservedly so. The same is true for Ningxia and Taipei.

For another unforgettable experience, the list suggests getting lost in a museum somewhere in the world. We are guessing they are not talking about a horrifying, I-am-actually-lost sort of experience, but more of a jovial oblivion that you can experience when totally mesmerized by a museum. This can be an art museum like Orsay in Paris or Hermitage in Saint Petersburg or it can be a historic museum like the one in London or the Smithsonian in Washington D.C.

They also suggest a number of experiences that you can have anywhere in the world really, such as witnessing a local ceremony like a wedding, for instance or learning how to play a traditional instrument. We have to say that we really like the list and that it really does sound like it was compiled by children. You can check it in its entirety here.

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