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5 Cities With The Best Nightlife In The World

If you love nightlife and everything associated with it, there are some cities you should definitely not miss. Here is a list of 5 cities that people rave about every time they visit them.

Dublin, Ireland, tops the list thanks to its legendary Temple Bar area, not to mention the “ready to party at any time of the day or night” temperament that the Irish are very proud of. Beer everywhere, an atmosphere that resembles what nightlife must have looked like in the past, only drunker, and partying that will knock you off your feet. No wonder Ireland, in general, is famous for its bar crawls – there’s so much to see, even more to drink, what’s not to like? Of course, you can always see the sights, but that’s an option only if your hangover allows you to.

São Paolo, Brazil, is at the same time one of Brazil’s biggest and most sensational cities and a place where the nightlife perfectly mirrors the mentality of its citizens. If you are a fan of Latino dances and Latino dancers, boy oh boy, you are going to love São Paolo. The food is great, and quite cheap too, and as for the music and bars, you can dance in the street if you want to, no one will bat an eye.

No special introduction is needed for Ibiza, Spain, as it has successfully kept its place among the best nightlife cities for quite a long time. Those who’ve never been long to visit the city, those who have visited it can’t wait to return. The party life of Ibiza gets under your skin very easily, and if you don’t pay attention, it will seduce you permanently. Parties on the beach, bubble parties, disco buses, they have it all.

Belgrade, Serbia, might not be a city you’ve heard of that much, but all the tourists who visit it fall madly in love with it. It might be the city’s gorgeous girls or the prices that are really low by European standards, it might be the fact that Serbian folk music has that “something” that will make you end your evening under the table of a kafana or splav or it might be all together. Serbs are quite welcoming, but don’t be fooled, they will drink you down to the ground. After a crazy night, they will carry you home and meet you in the morning like nothing happened, with no sign of a hangover whatsoever.

As La Paz, the capital of Bolivia, is at a significant height, the nights can be quite cold, which is more than a good excuse to warm yourselves with some alcohol and meet the locals. The people are quite hospitable and will probably be quite inquisitive, so don’t be shy, they will tell you all about themselves as well.

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