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21 Worst Places In The World


You will not find the places on this list in tourist brochures, travel agency offers or blog posts. These are all places where poverty, war and crime have taken their toll and where there is very little but hope. In some of them, not even hope.

These cities and towns serve as stark reminders of what can happen when darker places in people’s minds take over. We invite you to learn about them and to join us in hoping that the future is brighter for the people living there than the present.

1. Harare, Zimbabwe

The first city on our list, Harare in Zimbabwe is actually the safest place on our list, but this still does not make it a good place to live. The reason for this is purely economic in nature.

Namely, in the early 2000’s, a number of bad decisions by the Zimbabwean government led to unprecedented inflation and corruption, both growing to epic proportions.In the early days, the annual inflation rate was 112.1 percent, which is definitely not the number that you want to see in your inflation column. And then things got worse.

For instance, in 2008, the inflation rate reached 21,150,000 percent. It is a number that defies logic and common sense and it is difficult to even comprehend such inflation. In short, this means that if you, for instance, had $10,000 in your account, thanks to the inflation, in only 365 days, you would have 0,004 of a cent.

As you can imagine, this sent the city’s economy in a downward spiral which is still going down. Harare is all but completely inoperative, with people experiencing extreme poverty and with little hope in sight. No one wants to invest in such an economy, which further exacerbates the problem.

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