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21 Things That Make People Hate Paris


2. The Tourists

Paris has for years been one of the premiere tourist destinations in the world and it really is not that difficult to see why this is the case. The architecture is just stunning, the city has its history and it has that aura that not many cities in the world truly have.

Unfortunately, this has lead to a situation that there are innumerable tourists in the city all year round. It does not matter if you visit Paris in July or mid-December, you will always see and hear crowds of tourists trying to find their way around this huge and sometimes confusing city.

The tourists come from all over the world and you are bound to see or hear someone from your town, state or country, no matter where you are from. If you are American, get ready to hear more OH MY GOD’s than you have ever heard in your life. Really, it is the sound of visiting Paris, especially the most prominent attractions.

While we are on the subject of prominent attractions, you need to understand that the crowds around and in such places are just insane. The sheer number of tourists dawdling all over the place is enough to put you off anything. And we mean anything.

Also, Paris can get a bit overwhelming for tourists and you are very likely to encounter people who are totally exhausted and ruined by the experience of Paris. This can make any visit a bit less enjoyable, the sight of people who seem as if they just gone through a half-successful disembarking on D-day.

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