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21 Things That Make People Hate Paris



France has been the country with the most international tourist visits for decades and a very, very large portion of these people at least visit the capital briefly. The city has been one of the 5 most visited since forever and it is constantly on the list of the most beloved tourist destinations.

On the other hand, not everything is peachy in The City of Light and not everyone comes back swooned by this city. In fact, the number of people who come back utterly disappointed is a surprisingly large one.

The worst cases of disappointment are recorded by Japanese tourists which are sometimes so severe that they produce a passing psychological condition called Paris Syndrome where the affected patients experience symptoms such as delusional states, feelings of persecution, derealization, hallucinations, anxiety, depersonalization and even physical manifestations and symptoms.

Now, we are not saying that you will experience this condition if you decide to visit, but we will give you a few reasons why you might want to avoid the visit altogether.

1. The Crowds

Paris is a crowded city; there is no doubt about that. It has millions of its own inhabitants and it is assailed by millions of tourists on daily basis. All of this results in a city that at every moment features about 20 times more people than it can and should handle. In short, if you are going to Paris, get ready to feel crowded.

Wherever you turn, you will see an ocean of people always ready to sweep you up and leave you miles from the place where you started off. This is particularly true during the spring and the summer when you will get gazillions of tourists crowding every single part of Paris and making it a living hell for anyone who hasn’t been raised on a subway train.

The worst thing is that the most beautiful parts of Paris are the most crowded, but you’d expect that. You simply cannot visit any of the major sights in Paris without having to wade through throngs of tourists with their little cameras and their cries of excitement and panic that you often hear at tourist mega destinations.

You have to add the Parisians to this crowd as well, people who are just trying to go about their daily business, even though they are not entirely faultless either, but we will get to that later. In fact the sense of crowd that you get when you visit Paris is something that warrants further analysis and we will do our best to be thorough.

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