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21 Most Overrated Tourist Destinations In America


Some tourist destinations are not as good as advertised. Just because they are popular, doesn’t mean they are must-visit spots. Here are some popular US tourist destinations you can avoid and not feel bad about skipping.


Let’s face it – people go to Los Angeles, especially to Hollywood, to see celebrities. And that’s okay. Besides the movie industry, Hollywood doesn’t have much else to show for itself. But there are certainly better ways to be close to celebrities (or at least to feel close to them) than going to the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The famous Walk of Fame includes some 2,500 stars spread along the Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street. It is the single most popular tourist attraction in Hollywood, and it gets approximately 10 million visitors each year. In addition to the stars, there are also celebrities’ hand and footprints, and they are probably the closest a normal person will ever get to a celebrity. That must be the reason why so many people expose themselves to sketchy bootleg DVD vendors and creeps in cartoon character costumes who constantly circle the tourists like a hawk circles his prey.

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