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21 American Ghost Towns You Have To Visit


If you want to do something really different for your next trip, how about visiting some of America’s many ghost towns? It will be a travel experience that you will remember forever and something you can tell everyone about.

Visiting ghost towns will teach you a bit about history, take you to some of the most beautiful parts of the country and it will, quite often, send chills down your spine. It will be a truly unique travel experience. Here are the 21 most interesting ghost towns in the U.S. for you to visit.

1. Texola, Oklahoma

The first town on our list probably does not really qualify to be called a ghost town since there were 36 people living there according to the 2010 census. It is difficult to figure out who those people are, however, as it is more likely than not you will find absolutely no one in this Oklahoman ghost town.

Texola, like so many other towns in this part of the country, can put its decline down to the completion of I-40 and the closing down of the original Route 66 which passed through the town. It’s not that it was big before that, but it has been dwindling in size more dramatically since then.

When you go to Texola, you can check out their tiny prison which is now open for visitors, remnants of a garage and a Magnolia gas station. The bar still works and just beyond the bar, you will find Texas.

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