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12 Best Ways to Beat the Post-Travel Blues

You’re at the airport about to head home after a great vacation. Begrudgingly, you check in, go through security and immediately head to the nearest airport bar by your gate. It’s not because you’re afraid of flying, it’s because you’re just that darn sad that your latest adventure has come to an end.

Oh yeah, and the time – it’s 6:30 a.m.

If this is you, then you officially have the travel bug, where you love traveling and seeing new places so much that not even the comfort and convenience of your own home can prevent you from having withdrawals. Luckily, there are several ways to beat the post-travel blues. Here’s a look at 12 of them:

1. Relive it through photos

Make a photo album with all of the best photos from your trip. Or better yet, upload a photo album to Facebook so not only can your online friends see how great of a time you had, but so that you can relive your vacation from anywhere you can get Internet access.

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