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10 Mesmerizing Westeros Locations You Must Visit On Your Trip To Spain

Wherever your allegiances may lie in the merciless power struggle that is Game of Thrones, we can all agree on the wow factor of the locations used to depict the medieval ecosystem that houses George R.R. Martin’s lore and characters. Except for the Ironborn, though, they can keep their Iron Islands since nobody wants to bark at that particular kraken anyway.

Have you ever fantasized about visiting the real-life seat of the house Tarly or the Tower of Joy where Lyanna Stark gave birth to our born-again heir of the house Targaryen? How about the Slaver’s Bay where Daenerys made her final preparations for returning home to Westeros? Maybe you prefer Dorne (sigh)? You can see all these places and relive some of your favorite scenes from the show on your next trip to Spain.

So, watch our new video and experience some of the magic that made Game of Thrones the omnipresent phenomenon we all know and love. What would your weapons of choice be in the unforgiving climate of Westeros? Cunning and political machinations like Littlefinger’s or steel and bravery like John Snow’s?

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